Before you say "YES" I DO"

Are you and your partner on the same page?

Equal opportunity partnership is what most successful marriages are based on. Partners need to come to an understanding of what shape or form equal opportunity represents in marriage. Most marriages begin with a strong commitment between partners involving economics, children, religion, family relations and elderly care. A good understanding of the above subjects will save a lot of emotional stress and lead to a healthier relationship.

At the Law Office of Dulce B. Fazel, P.A. we belive once both partners understand that a marriage is the most important social contact they can exercise then they can view the union as a true partnership that will involve future wealth, debt, and responsibilities. Socioeconomics stress is one of the leading causes of divorce in Jacksonville Florida as well as the United States.

rings What better time to prepare for such an agreement right from the start. A premarital contact also known as a prenuptial is often used to chart the future equal opportunity of a couple before a union is made. There are some basic steps you and your partner can take to start this conversation.