Estate Planning, Will, and Trust

Estate planning is the process by which an individual (or family) can arrange the transfer of assets in anticipation of death. It aims to preserve the most of a person's wealth for distribution to his/her beneficiaries as well as allow for flexibility to manage these assets prior to death.

Your "estate" is the total property owned by you at the time of death. It includes real estate (real property) as well as cars, household items, and financial accounts (personal property).

Walking Wills and trusts are the more common vehicles for individuals to dispose of their wealth. Trusts, unlike wills, have the benefit of avoiding probate, which could be a lengthy and costly legal process. Even though a person has a will, a probate action must still be initiated in order to administer his/her estate in accord with the terms of the Will.

At the Law offices of Dulce B. Fazel P. A. a Jacksonville based attorney, we will review your estate in accordance with the Florida laws, advise you of the different estate planning tools available for your asset base, and draft the proper documents to ensure that your beneficiaries receive the bulk of your estate, that your exposure to estate taxes are minimized, and that your assets are distributed to your loved ones in the manner that you desire.