It's Your Divorce

rings Think about it, Care about it and go about Managing it

Manage Your Divorce From The Start No matter who initiates the divorce, no matter whose fault it may be, and no matter how devastated or confused you find yourself -- it is still your duty to bring your marriage to a fair and equitable closure. When you married, you made a commitment to manage the partnership. That promise of being an active manager still applies to the divorce process. First of all, never look at divorce as a simple process just because you are amicable with your spouse or think there isn't any property worth dividing. At the Law Office of Dulce B. Fazel, P.A.we realize that, while you are taking care of the business aspects of
your divorce, you must also take care of yourself. The key to our divorce advice is that you need to be informed and educated, you need a divorce plan or strategy and you need to become the manager towards your own fair divorce. Here are some tips to help get you started as the manager of your divorce: Don't Fall Apart: Yes, divorce is an extremely emotional time and it's all too easy to get overwhelmed. But the most important thing to remember is that YOU are the manager of the process. Sitting on the sidelines and watching the lawyers play your game might seem appealing, but the stakes are usually too high for you to be a spectator. Most successful business people have learned the art of balancing the emotional aspects of family and social life while still running a thriving venture. Take that mentality with you and be the active CEO of your divorce process. Utilize Your Support Network: Balance is another powerful tool in this process. Even as you work to keep the divorce machine running effectively, don't forget you need emotional support. Utilize friends, family, spiritual advisors and, if needed, a therapist to help you deal with the myriad of feelings that accompany this major change in your life.