Sharing Quality and Equal Opportunity During Marriage

Standing Together

rings At the Law Office of Dulce B. Fazel, P.A. We believe marriage is a lifelong commitment, built on a partnership in which the spouses have equal opportunity.   Strengthening that partnership should be the couple's number one priority.  Marriage is an on-going process.  As your relationship grows and changes, make sure that one constant is equal opportunity.  Many couples reaffirm their marriage vows from time to time.  Such celebrations, anniversaries, marriage retreats or simply a weekend getaway are ideal times to reassess - and reaffirm - how both of you feel about what each brings to the marriage and how you want your partnership to grow.  Talking about equal opportunity in marriage regularly will also keep up your communication skills, leading to a stronger marriage.  Draw up a marriage agreement, often called a postnuptial, if you did not sign one before you were wed.  It will help you organize your marital assets and reflect what you want to happen in case of death or divorce. Otherwise, in most states, you take a chance on what the judge decides is equitable.  Such a contract may be written any time during a marriage.  If you do have such a document, both of you should re-read and updated it periodically as your roles and assets change.  Marriage contracts are governed by state law and have to be revised if you change your residency.

Essential Things To Do: